My original surface pattern* designs are available on 25+ fabrics, wallpaper, and home goods like curtains, tablecloths, bedding, etc. at Spoonflower

Did you know I do custom surface pattern design? Contact me to make the wallpaper, bedding, or fabric of your dreams!


*Surface pattern design is seamlessly repeating artwork that can be printed on any surface. 

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Leah Parker Bry

Inspired by nature, color, and everyday delights. I’m an artist, maker, Mom, voracious reader, Jewish, spoonie. I have a great appreciation for absurdity!

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My commitment: I will make every effort to ensure that I source goods from companies that treat workers fairly and use environmentally-friendly approaches to manufacturing and shipping. I recognize that my role in the global marketplace is tiny, and I don't subscribe to the fallacy of personal purity rather than collective action. And, I recognize that individual actions en mass DO have the power to shape market forces.